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August 11th, 2016 by J

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One of the legendary actresses, Carrie Fisher, just leaked one of her hottest masturbation clips ever! There’s no turning back at that timeless beauty when you see her from years ago still looking hot as hell. Huge round tits and tight naked body, she’s a man’s best friend in and out of the bedroom, no doubt.

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April 6th, 2016 by J

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No, we are not referring to any R2-D2 or horny Storm Troopers stuffing their hard as a metal cocks inside Princess Leia’s cunt. Carrie Fisher prefers her favorite toys and she’s absolutely obsessed making homemade porn where she is the star. She’s made this one like a pro and she owned it. She spends hours preparing for her shoots just like she would on a set of a film to get everything perfect and make sure her delivery of her lines and actions will be effective. Whenever she acts on movies, those are all make-believe but people get so drawn to the scenes that they crave for more. This video is a bit different for the fact that it s all real and Carrie is doing a wild one-man act, which will definitely cause a riot in any room she’s being shown at. She has her own trooper that she likes using to fuck that wet cunt with and it does its job perfectly. She’s hooked so much with her role that she took it in the bedroom, making her slaves bow down before her and please her whenever she wanted.

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March 2nd, 2016 by J

Long before the force awakened, Carrie Fisher is already a big hit with men who has huge thick cocks. Making a name for herself, albeit quietly, naughty sex tapes emerged of Carrie exposing her passion and pro skills when dealing with hung jocks. She’s not just bringing sexy back but her full throttle sex life will be giving you nasty thoughts about what the hell are those buns hair as Princess Leia for anyways? Personally? All I can think about is grabbing on to them while probably giving this naughty woman a rough fuck. Let’s just not put some crazy animal sounds in there shall we? I’d prefer human moaning and groaning sounds while enjoying a kinky sexy time any day.

Carrie Fisher sucks thick dick

Truly, Carrie may be a bit fading from the sex and sexy limelight because you know, people age, but seems like her charm hasn’t wavered. And based from this hot and wild leaked video, she did have some fine years to go back to as a sleazy cocksucking hottie. Oh, and take note of it, she only goes for men who has them giant meat. It’s like holding her weapon while fighting threats to the galaxy. She’s in a different battlefield when  she makes her videos and it’s like surrendering to the enemy each time when ever she feels helpless lying down while getting mouth-fucked. Don’t get her wrong, she absolutely loves the part where she has to raise the white flag up and just take whatever her master would like to do to her.

Carrie Fisher Naked Photos

September 26th, 2010 by carrie

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Guys, let’s just drop the argument. Who are we kidding? Carrie Fisher has to be one of the hottest women ever! Just check out these hot Carrie Fisher nude pictures, this Star Wars babe has a sexy bod, an intriguing personality, and an unparalleled sex appeal! No wonder all the guys look at her whenever she is around! She is just smokin’ with a capital S! I bet all the horndogs fantasize about her and whenever she passes by, their cocks spring to attention! Trust me, I’ve been there: having an awkward hard-on because I just saw Carrie Fisher in that skimpy slave bikini outfit and naturally, my imagination immediately went haywire!

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It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what makes Carrie Fisher extremely and undeniably attractive. She has a pretty face and a pair of piercing eyes that’s more seductive than anything, a set of hot tits that I just want to caress in bury myself in, an ass that I could only dream of licking and kissing, and I can imagine her having a pussy that I’d love to eat, finger, and fuck like there is no tomorrow! To see how smoldering hot this babe can get, check out these nude photos of Carrie Fisher.

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Carrie Fisher In Sexy Bondage Action

April 23rd, 2010 by carrie

Well aside form lesbian sex, Carrie Fisher‘s got another fetish that she likes to indulge once in a while, and that’s bondage!  Yes, our favorite Star Wars hottie (well, aside from Natalie Portman) likes to be tied up and humiliated by a dominatrix. That sure ties in well with her lesbian fantasies.  Personally I can’t think of anything hotter than having a sexy dominatrix dressed in leather order me around!  I’d do anything for her, like lick her shoes, and get her naked, and fuck her on command.  And it would really get interesting if she decides to tie me up!  Being tied up is a hot fantasy of mine and it looks like it’s Carrie’s as well.  Here she is sitting as still as possible for her mistress, behaving like a good slave.  She’s even wearing her hair like Princess Leia’s for her mistress and that just makes things even hotter!

If you find Carrie Fisher dressing up like Princess Leia hot, give me a hell yeah!  Give me another hell yeah if her getting naked turns you on!  Well then, I guess the only thing to do would be to check out this yummy Carrie Fisher nude site, don’t you think?  Hell yeah!

Photos of Carrie Fisher Making-out with A Girl

July 20th, 2009 by carrie

The girl is now like a lady. Or should I say, the girl now likes ladies. Oh yes, newsflash to everyone: CARRIE FISHER, your ever so popular Princess Leia for all you Star Wars fanatics, IS A HARDCORE LESBIAN and we have the pictures to prove it! Get this: Carrie FIsher’s pics of her fucking other women was leaked and is now making its way to the deep and dirty alleys of the internet! See her play with dildos along with other dikes, lick pussies and masturbate with other women!

It is just too good to be true! We all saw her as the innocent princess and now, she doesn’t look innocent at all! But she is still treated like a princess! Just look at how she is fucked by these hardcore queers! Click here! Enjoy Carrie Fisher’s princess pussy get eaten by her lesbian-slaves!

Carrie Fisher nude as Carrie Fisher

February 13th, 2009 by carrie

Hey, we know the fanboys out there aren’t really clamoring for this, being the socially-awkward, sci-fi fixated nerds that they are, but damn it, they need a dose of reality now and then!  So here we are.  Presenting: Carrie Fisher in the nude — as Carrie Fisher!  No costumes and no character to play, just Carrie Fisher as herself, a horny, talented MILF, showing off her naked body because it turns her on to do so.  There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?  I’m sure that there are some fanboys out there mentally superimposing a Star Wars slavegirl outfit over that naked body of hers, or maybe even just adding two cinammon buns to the side of her head, but I’m sure the majority of us can still appreciate a naked celebrity for herself.  Carries’ got a nice tight body in these pics, and perky boobs that are just right; not too big or too small.  Her bush is tightly trimmed, and we can all enjoy her sweet clit, whether we’re a bunch of geeks or not.  Now that’s the kind of democracy the New Republic ought to be promoting all over galaxies far, far away, don’t you think?

Carrie Fisher is one hot momma, and a former drug addict too, so yo know she’s up for some kinky shit!  There’s always been that rumor that she got the part of Princess Leia because she slept with George Lucas, so why not bring out that sci-fi screenplay you’ve been hiding in your drawer and make a play for this hottie now?  Or you can just check her out naked, here on this site!

Carrie Fisher naked for the Star Wars fanboys

February 13th, 2009 by carrie

Although she’s definitely typecast in the minds of many as that character that made her famous — Princess Leia, never let it be said that she’s bitter about it and ungrateful about the accolades and worship she’s received because of it.  She’s not beyond making fun of it, though, appearing in “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back“, for instance, or in the animated “Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II“.  She’s even joked on public radio that she’s afraid that if she ever turns senile, she’ll revert to her Princess Leia character.

Well, she’s definitely not senile yet, but she’s already reverting to her Leia Organa role in these photos.  She’s doing it for the fans though, as well as for a bit of kinky roleplay, in my opinion.  How can she ignore the lust she brings out in horny geeks whenever she gets into character as everybody’s favorite senator from Alderaan.  Here we see her going topless in that infamous slavegirl costume of hers, showing her tits for those Jabba the Hutt-wannabes.  Then she’s going completely naked for a bunch of cosplayers in Stormtrooper outfits, which has got to be a dream come true for those geeks.  Their erections have got to be hurting as it strains against their hard plastic costumes.   I wouldn’t be surprised if they cum right then and there, on the insides of their trooper outfits!

And I’m sure you want to cum too, while enjoying Carrie Fisher nude in her Star Wars mode.  Yeah, we’ve all got a little fanboy inside us when it comes to this gal, so that’s why there’s that link back there that’ll lead you right to the hottest celeb site available for things like this.  Check it out you must do, yes?

Carrie Fisher in sexy lingerie

February 13th, 2009 by carrie

Carrie Fisher may be best known as a sex symbol when she’s wearing her slavegirl outfit from “Return of the Jedi“, but believe it or not, she’s got other sexy things to wear in her closet.  Here’s proof of that as we see Carrie Fisher in a really sexy pose for some lucky guy, wearing sizzling hot green lingerie, with one of her breasts popping out of the thin bra.  Now that ought to shock everyone into remembering that she’s one multi-talented lady, who’s also achieved accolades for her acting work outside of Star Wars, and for her writing skills.  Now we can wank off to her in something other than a golden sci-fi slavegirl bikini, which is an equally important achievement for her, don’t you think?

But hey, if you still want to see Carrie Fisher in that hot Princess Leia outfit, then who are we to stop you?  Hell, we’ll even help you!  Click on this link and see some of the sexiest shots of her wearing that famous slavegirl costume, or even that original all-white outfit if that’s what floats your boat…