Carrie Fisher Nude

Despite all her achievements in acting and in writing both scripts and novels, you’ve got to admit that we know Carrie Fisher for one thing and one thing only — and that’s her role as Princess Leia in the greatest sci-fi movie trilogy of all time!  C’mon fanboys, let’s say it loud and say it proud, we lust after her because of her turn as Jabba the Hutt’s slavegirl, and that golden bikini costume of hers is what we fantasize about everytime we play with our lightsabers.  Of course, seeing Carrie Fisher nude would also be a very nice thing to see, if only to reinforce our erotic Star Wars daydreams.

It’s kind of weird when you realize that Carrie Fisher is part of Hollywood royalty, with a pedigree that’s pretty impressive to those who appreciate old-school Hollywood style and glamour.  Carrie was born on October 21, 1956 to Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, both familiar names to those with a sense of Hollywood history.  Eddie Fisher was a famous singer during his time, and an even more famous lover, becoming one of Elizabeth Taylor‘s many husbands after splitting from Carrie’s mom, who is equally well-known because of her film and TV career.

Carrie attended London’s Central School of Speech and Drama for 18 months during the 1970s to really be prepared for the field she wass going to enter, the field where her parents were already successful in.  In 1975, she made her film debut in “Shampoo” which starred Warren Beatty, and then just two years later, she would be forever part of film history.  The year 1977 is when “Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope” was first released, undigitized and with Han Solo shooting first, and you know the rest.

The Empire Strikes Back” came out in 1980, and “The Return of the Jedi” rounded out the trilogy in 1983, and although Carrie Fisher has had roles in other great Hollywood films like Woody Allen’s “Hannah and her Sisters” in 1986, and the romantic comedy blockbuster “When Harry Met Sally” in 1989, we all still see her as Princess Leia Organa, Luke’s sister, Vader’s daughter, Han Solo’s lover, Jabba the Hutt’s slavegirl, and every geek’s fantasy Star Wars babe (until Natalie Portman‘s turn in the prequels).  Well, lucky for Carrie that she’s one talented lady, who’s now equally well-known (to non-Star Wars fanboys) as a writer of books, plays and screenplays.  Her first novel, the satirical “Postcards From The Edge“, was a bestseller, and was eventually adapted into a movie of the same title.  It was semi-autobiographical, and dealt with things like drug addiction, which she has admitted to experiencing during her youth.

Ah, but for us, she will always be in the prime of her youth, thanks to our Princess Leia fetishes.  That’s why we invite everyone to check her out on Carrie Fisher Nude, which is where all your raunchy fantasies about her, whether as herself or as Princess Leia, are bound to come true, because of all the naughty pics of her that they have there!