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Carrie Fisher in sexy lingerie

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Carrie Fisher may be best known as a sex symbol when she’s wearing her slavegirl outfit from “Return of the Jedi“, but believe it or not, she’s got other sexy things to wear in her closet.  Here’s proof of that as we see Carrie Fisher in a really sexy pose for some lucky guy, wearing sizzling hot green lingerie, with one of her breasts popping out of the thin bra.  Now that ought to shock everyone into remembering that she’s one multi-talented lady, who’s also achieved accolades for her acting work outside of Star Wars, and for her writing skills.  Now we can wank off to her in something other than a golden sci-fi slavegirl bikini, which is an equally important achievement for her, don’t you think?

But hey, if you still want to see Carrie Fisher in that hot Princess Leia outfit, then who are we to stop you?  Hell, we’ll even help you!  Click on this link and see some of the sexiest shots of her wearing that famous slavegirl costume, or even that original all-white outfit if that’s what floats your boat…